Ocean to plate

Seafood harvested in Tasmania will in general pass through a licenced seafood processor or fish handling facility. At a processor, product may be stored, packaged live for transport to mainland and export markets, processed for delivery to markets and/or value-added.

The Tasmanian seafood processing sector works with a wide variety of product from scalefish, shellfish, and scallops, to sea urchin, rock lobster, and abalone. The availability and processing of aquaculture species such as salmon and oysters is largely constant throughout the year. However, the variable seasonality of wild caught species does affect the demand for processing workers.

Processing jobs could include filleting fish, shucking oysters and scallops, packaging product, delivery and logistics and management and administration. Processors are looking for a good meat recovery rate and speed when hiring processing attendants. Good knife skills are essential!

Species Processed

Sea urchin
Rock lobster

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Old SAFCOL processing line