Farmed Abalone

Ocean to plate

There are four active abalone farms in Tasmania, located in the North West, North, North East and South East. There has been significant reinvestment and growth within the industry, with farms in the North West and South East reopening.

​There is an increasing demand for farmed abalone product, potentially as a consequence of decreased supply from wild capture fisheries worldwide. This demand could see further capital investment in the expansion of existing abalone farms, or even the development of new abalone farms in Tasmania.

Marine Farms

Tasmanian marine farms are managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. Click here for more information on Tasmanian aquaculture and management.

Species Harvested

Jade Tiger Abalone

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Abalone with garlic, capers, parsley & lemon

by Massimo Mele

How to prepare Abalone

Step 1

The abalone is stuck to its shell by a small muscle about the size of a 50 cent piece.


Step 2

Hold the shell firmly in the palm of one hand, do not move this hand.


Step 3

With a sharp knife cut the abalone from the shell, cutting as close to the shell as possible so you don’t lose any meat.


Step 4

The guts can then be cut out and discarded and the lip removed if desired. While the lip is a little tougher than the rest of the meat, it is still delicious.


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