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The Tasmanian scalefish fishery includes a diverse array of licences, fishing gears and target species. The fishery includes small dinghy operators who conduct part-day fishing trips and target multiple species; through to large vessels who fish over multiple days and target individual species.

The Living Marine Resources Management Act of 1995 and the Fisheries (Scalefish) Rules 2015 govern the scalefish fishing. However, the Fisheries (Mackerel) Rules 2019 governs the marckeral fishery.

The scalefish is managed through regulated license numbers, closed seasons, and geared limits. Additionally, there are minimum and maximum size limits and trip limits. On the East Coast, a quota management system regulates banded morwong. Catch limits are in place for recreational fishers.

Fishery Status

The Tasmanian scalefish fishery is managed by quotas and licenses. The number of fish that can be caught in a pre-determined period in a fishery is referred to as the total allowable catch (TAC). Click here for more information on Tasmanian scalefish fishery quota and data management.

Species Harvested

Banded morwong
Southern Calamari
Tiger Flathead
School Whiting
Southern Garfish
Bluethroat Wrasse
Gould’s Squid
Bastard trumpeter
Blue Warehou
Silver Warehou
Silver Trevally
Striped Trumpeter

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